Sales Pitch is also called “elevator pitch”, and designers use it to tell the story of services concepts in the time it takes to ride an elevator, less than 2 minutes. Ideally, service sales pitch are one-liner summarizing what the service does, for whom and how. 

Sales pitches used by designers are optimized for a short conversation. The goal is to keep the sales pitch short, clean, and simple!


1.START: State the selected “How Might We” statement.

2.IDENTIFY: Based on your HMW statement define the criteria and select the suitable targets/participants for the service sales pitch.

3.PREPARE: Organize a meeting with the selected participants or look for situations where you can meet them spontaneously. Use Role Playing tool to develop and rehearsal your pitch, which should cover the following areas:

  • Persona – Who are your service users and what do they do?
  • Pains – What problem (need areas unfulfilled or job-to-be-done) do your users have right now?
  • Value – How does your service help or can them?
  • Gains – What does success (solutions) look like for your users?

4.CONDUCT: Answer the why by starting with a statement or question about the problem (pains) your service solve. Then, communicate a concise statement of value. Be action-oriented and outcome focused. Next, highlight the unique differentiators of your service concept and explain what your service does from the users’ point of view. Close the pitch with an open-ended question creating a space to have a conversation.

5.REPORT: Collect feedback, discuss it and write up the key outcomes from this exercise

PREPARATION: up to 60 minutes
DURATION: 2 minutes
PARTICIPANTS: 1–5, design team, partners, community members, etc.
EXPECTED OUTCOME: Validation of concept